Modern WebOps and Automated Conversation Tips to Grow Your Revenue Now

Building and strengthening brand awareness by reshaping how customers think and feel about your brand is no small feat. You’ve poured over each point in the customer journey, and while you’re constantly evolving your brand touchpoints, often, the delivery platform we deliver our digital assets is overlooked and requires technical expertise not typically found in marketing teams. The first portion of this talk will provide tactics to help you iterate your digital presence faster while lowering the technical debt that slows growth.

Conversational marketing is a must-have for any marketing team with a demand to drive growth. During the talk’s second portion, we’ll walk through some tips to overhaul your conversational playbooks to drive better customer engagement, increase pipeline, and ultimately increase revenue from the moment you implement them.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Develop an iterative strategy to modernize your digital web architecture with shorter sprints and drive better engagement
  • Use common queues to engage with more visitors at the top of your funnel
  • Create a plan to better define educational pain points to move low-intent visitors through your marketing funnel faster

This session is for digital marketers looking to increase brand equity, deliver better engagement and customer experience, generate a more qualified pipeline faster, and grow revenue more efficiently.